Our meetings are arranged as follows: 12.00-1.30, Band; 2.00-300, Tune Book or other tunes from our books; 3.15- end, Tunes or special topic to be decided earlier.

Last year was eventful:

Band tunes worked on last year: New American Patrol, Hymne a l'Amour, Lili Marlene, The Triumph, Moonlight Serenade, Henry Bloodgood's Famous Jig, Dance 10 and 11 from Rasmus Storm.

Great workshops from Alex Wade, Dave Ball and Chris McShane covering playing mechanics and bellows action, accompaniment and 'Date' tunes written to commemorate events in the Napoleonic Wars.

Two joint meetings with the NECP: they came to our November meeting and we went to their September meeting. A good time was had by all, and thanks to Dave and Carolyn for some good tunes!

This year:

October 16th.

Band: Lili Marleen, Moonlight Serenade, Harry Bloodgood's Famous Jig, Rasmus Storm's Dance 10 and 11.

2.00 onwards. AGM. followed by Welsh tunes brought by Russ.

November 20th.

Band: Lili Marleen, Moonlight Serenade, Harry Bloodgood's Famous Jig, Dance 10 and 11.

December 18th.

Christmas Band music followed by carols.

January 15th.

Band: Yorkshire Concertina Club Rag, Swaledale.

After lunch:

February 19th.

Alex Wade brought some great tunes for us to work on. A good workout, Thanks Alex!

March 19th.

Thomas Green brought three tunes for us to practise. We worked on a kind of arrangement and ways of combining them to make a set. We finally manged to record them! Excellent workshop, lots to think about! Thanks Thomas and Jo!

April 9th.

NB! This is not the third Sunday! We decided that as the third Sunday is Easter Day we would try to arrange the meeting a week early.

May 19th. Swaledale Squeeze lived up to expectations yet again, great line up of tutors, well done the management!

June 18th. Four intrepid members attended and had a good time - I wasn't there, sorry!

July 16th.

Band: Harry Bloodgood, Dance 10, Proportion 11, Hymne a l'Amour, Moonlight Serenade, a tune from Steve, and a short round from Carolyn.

2.00, A tune from John Willis, who has been asked to put it into parts, and further tunes from the TuneBook - Da Slockit Licht, Officers' Polka, the Plane Tree - we tried to play these in different ways.

August - no meeting.

September 17th.

Joint meeting with the NECP at Leeds.

October 15th.

2.00 AGM.